Endeavor launch delayed until at least May 16, 2011

(Cape Canaveral, FLORIDA) The AP says that electrical problems, which were discovered last week, proved to be more complex that originally thought pushing the launch of the spacecraft further than expected. Endeavor was set to launch last Friday.

US President Barack Obama and his family were disappointed to not have been able to witness the launch because of the delay, the AP reports. The president and his family went to Florida for the event.

However, the report says that the president hinted of going to the launch of the Endeavor when it is finally rescheduled again.

Other high-profile guests at the launch was Rep. Gabrielle Giffords who was mortally wounded after being shot in the head earlier this year but was given the go-ahead by doctors to attend the launch thanks to a speedy recovery often called a “miracle” by those close to her.

Her husband, Astronaut Mark Kelly, will be leading the crew of the Endeavor on its last mission.

Endeavor’s launch will be its last trip to space. It will be the second to the last mission of the agency’s space shuttles before they are retired this year as NASA will be concentrating on inter-planetary missions.

The space shuttle Atlantis is scheduled for its final launch in June this year and will mark the end of NASA’s space shuttle program.

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