Toshiba takes a chair into space to film the world’s highest commercial (literally)

Toshiba logo

Different layers of the atmosphere, including the ionosphere – the radio mirror of the sky.

Toshiba and Grey London take a chair into space to film the world’s highest commercial.
In its latest outing for Toshiba, Grey London collaborated with The Mill to film “the world’s highest commercial,” shot 98,000 feet above Nevada‘s Black Rock desert.

To capture the spot’s footage, two Toshiba hi-def IK-HR1S video cameras and a lightweight chair were suspended from a high altitude helium balloon and floated into space until the chair exploded from extreme atmospheric pressure 98,268 feet.

The ad was made by strapping two video cameras and chair to a high altitude helium balloon and allowing them to float into space. The full sized chair was made up of super-light balsawood and was sent in to orbit from the Nevada Black Rock desert to reach 98,000 ft above Earth, capturing the incredibly journey with Toshiba’s high-definition IK-HR1S video cameras. To reach the altitude required and to conform to America’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, the entire rig had to weigh no more than 4lb. The amazing journey concludes with the chair breaking up at the peak height of 98,268 ft due to the extreme atmospheric pressure. Finally, once the rig was destroyed by atmospheric conditions, it took 40 minutes for the remains to crash back to Earth.


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