The Original Red Dawn Movie turns 27 years old this month

A remake of the original 1984 movie, Red Dawn is scheduled to be released later this year by MGM Studios

The Theatrical Movie Poster for the original Red Dawn movie released in 1984

Red Dawn was the very first movie in the US to be rated PG-13

The original RED DAWN movie turned 27 years old this month as the film had been released in theaters the summer of 1984, and was the first movie ever to be released in the US with a Motion Picture Association of America PG-13 rating! RED DAWN was also the 20th highest grossing film of 1984, opening on 10 August 1984 in 1,822 theatres and taking in $8,230,381 on its first weekend. Its box office gross is $38,376,497.

At the time it was released, Red Dawn was considered the most violent film by the Guinness Book of Records and The National Coalition on Television Violence, with a rate of 134 acts of violence per hour, or 2.23 per minute.

MGM is currently working on a re-make of the invasion classic, casting:

Sometimes dubbed “Chollywood,” China’s movie industry pumped out 526 films in 2010 (versus 754 in the U.S.), and the government has announced plans to more than double the size of the entertainment industries, including movies and television, over the next five years. … So eager are American studios to crack the Chinese market that MGM recently edited Chinese villains out of the remake of Red Dawn, replacing them with North Koreans. Studios can’t afford to offend the officials who decide which 20-odd foreign films are allowed to play each year on Chinese screens, whose number grows by four a day.  Since the Chinese were made out to be the bad guys in this film, they feared that may deter some of the Chinese public from viewing the film, unlitimately hurting box office sales. It was then that MGM exec’s decided to spend an additional a million USD’s to convert all parts of the movie to include Korea of the GKR (Greater Korean Republic) as being invaders rather than what the movie producers had originally used (the People’s Liberation Army of China).

In the Red Dawn of 1984, the story line had the Russians invading the US through the Northwest of Alaska and Southeast of Texas


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  1. Just play the first half or so over and over on a loop.


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