Twitter 5 years ago (before and after pic’s)

Twitter, then known as twttr, was born just over 5 years ago – but in Twitter-time that’s ancient history. What did it look like when it launched?

Check it out:

What Twitter (formerly known as Twttr) looked like 5 years ago today

What Twitter looks like today

As you can see, Twitter didn’t have a hard time explaining itself at first. “If you have a cell and you can txt,” the home page said, “you’ll never be bored again…E V E R!” I guess when you’ve raised mountain upon mountain of venture capital and changed the world in multiple major ways, you’ve got to take yourself more seriously than that.  None the less, I like this old version of Twitter!

Look out, little Twttr, the President of the United States, Ashton Kutcher and these ladies you’ll learn about in the future called The Kardashians are coming! From dorky simplicity has sprung unfathomable magic in a utility that many people can’t imagine life without.

Twitter's web traffic


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