Keep an Eye on the 30 Fastest-Growing Jobs in the U.S.

If you’re in school or in the service waiting for the abysmal job market to rebound, there’s good news on the employment front. A burgeoning job market awaits you when you’re ready to enter the workforce. The Bureau of Labor Statistics released their employment projections for the next 10 years, and several of the occupations and industries expected to flourish are ideal for veterans and transitioning servicemembers.

A large majority of the job growth — 96%, in fact — will occur in service-producing industries such as:

  • professional and business services
  • health care and social assistance services
  • and state & local government agencies

All of the above jobs will add more than 9 million jobs total. In addition, the goods-producing sector will we see a small boost in the  construction industry, as this field is projected to add 1.3 million.

The bulk of the fastest growing jobs will be in the professional and related occupations, as well as service occupations, reports the BLS. Many of these positions, such as athletic trainers or physician’s assistants, are a good for transitioning servicemembers or veterans who want to apply their military experience to a civilian job. Most of these vocations will require an associate or bachelor’s degree.

Here are 30 of the fastest-growing jobs that you should keep your eye on in the next 10 years:

      1. Bio-medical engineers — bachelor’s degree
      2. Network Systems and data communications analysts — bachelor’s degree
      3. Home health aides — on-the-job training (OJT)
      4. Personal and home care aides — OJT 
      5. Financial examiners — bachelor’s
      6. Medical scientists (except epidemiologists)doctoral degree
      7. Physician Assistants — master’s degree
      8. Skin Care Specialists — postsecondary vocational award
      9. Biochemists and biophysicists — doctoral degree
      10. Athletic Trainers — bachelor’s 
      11. Physical therapist aides — OJT
      12. Dental hygienistsassociate degree
      13. Veterinary technologists and technicians — associate degree
      14. Dental assistants — OJT
      15. Computer software engineers, applications — bachelor’s
      16. Medical Assistants — OJT
      17. Physical therapist assistants — associate degree
      18. Veterinarians — first professional degree
      19. Self-enrichment education teachers — work experience in a related field
      20. Compliance officers — OJT
      21. Occupational therapist aides — OJT
      22. Environmental engineers — bachelor’s
      23. Pharmacy technicians — OJT
      24. Computer software engineers, systems software –bachelor’s
      25. Survey researchers — bachelor’s
      26. Physical therapists — master’s 
      27. Personal Financial Advisor — bachelor’s
      28. Environmental engineering technicians — associate degree
      29. Occupational therapist assistants — associate degree
      30. Fitness trainer and aerobics instructors — post-secondary vocational award

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