2011 Residential Architect Design Winner

Architect win’s 2011 award for completing Phase 1 of a new innovative residential project in eastern Europe

Jõekaare Residential District is a project that came out as the winning scheme of an invited international competition in 2006. The site is located on a former industrial area in the southern suburbs of the City of Tartu, Estonia‘s second largest city with over 100,000 inhabitants. It is characterised by its exceptional position on a peninsular of the central Estonian Emajõgi river, overlooking the spectacular landscape of a natural reserve on its opposite side.

The River Tower is the first realised building of the scheme, with construction completed in August 2008. When finished, as expected in 2014, a total of nine buildings with 440 apartments and approximately 1,000 inhabitants will be settled there.

While the one along the riverside represents the villa type (The River Tower), the other, facing the city, tends to be a more urban type (The City Slab). The orientation and position of the buildings is designed in order to enable optimum views and privacy for all apartments, but also creating a central public plaza in between, ideal for community interaction and for children’s play.Due to the suburban position of the site it was necessary to design a distinctive neighbourhood where people can appreciate the advantages of their individuality but also enjoy a sense of community and a sense of togetherness. Responding to the situation given by the urban and natural environment, the architects developed two types of buildings.


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