The Princess Tower in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is set for completion in September and will go on record as the world’s tallest residential building

The Princess Tower enters Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest residential tower in the world

The Princess Tower in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is scheduled for completion Sep. 2012

At a height of 413.36 metres, The Princess Tower, designed by Eng. Adnan Saffarini, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, strikes an innovatively elegant look as a tall skyscraper laced with world class amenities at the heart of Dubai Marina, a seaside coastal district of Dubai.

Location of Dubai on the map of the United Arab Emirates

The idea was conceptualized by TAMEER Holding Investments, a Conglomerate in Construction Industry Dubai in order to construct a high-rise building so that it almost literally breathes, right in the middle of a night of a buzzing and the most happening mega-city, Dubai, which is considered as an ultimate destination for safe and secure living.

The idea was to have wide open corridors and balconies covered with eco friendly greenery on the outside of the building and free areas cut crosswise into the body of the building, this high-rise stands out for its great transparency. All the 763 apartments enjoy light and air from all sides, allowing for particularly sustainable living conditions in this semi tropical region sans dependability on air conditioning.

Since its design inception the team always focused on to provide an extremely efficient, viably ecological and an economical structure, and yet again they have proved to have delivered a record-breaking outcome on a global scale in the quest for innovative local approaches to design. The Princess Tower is all set to be nominated as a completed building that stands out tall for it special aesthetics, pioneering design integration into its urban context, sustainability, innovative technology and cost efficiency.

The Princess Tower as being the tallest residential tower in the world as it contains 100 floors. Interestingly, the 90th floor of the tower (the highest floor perhaps if counting residential floors only) is being called a villa, occupying the entire floor. Expected date of completion is September 2012.

In addition to a variety of residential units, the tower will provide other amenities: Offices, Sales Outlets, Car Parking spaces, Sports and recreational facilities, Hotel and Suites, Swimming Pools, Gymnasium, Children’s day care nursery, Sauna Club, Praying area and as well as a luxurious reception area. Princess tower will also have an excellent ocean view of the tower and those facing NW or the sea side of the tower. Apart from the above it is also located in the vicinity of Dubai Metro Station. The Princess Tower, however, will be a considerable landmark, less than 50 metres away from all the functional cities, like Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City, and Dubai Knowledge Village.


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