VIDEO REPORT: Deep Space Industries plans on mining asteroids in space by the year 2015

deep space industriesDeep Space Industries, a newly established private company, has announced it plans to deploy a mining company into space by the year 2015 with the goal of extracting raw materials from nearby asteroids. The asteroids are believed to contain gases and metals, such as methane that can be used as fuel for satellites and metals including nickel for use in 3D printers.


Deep Space Industries Mission Statement:

“Our Mission is clear: DSI will build on the incredible heritage of the first age of space exploration and harness the power of a new age of information to locate, explore, harvest and utilize the vast numbers of asteroids in Earth’s community. We will do so by being creative and practical – taking small steps to begin with, and giant leaps when we can – to supply our customers and provide a new and hopeful future for humanity.”

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