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Beijing Plays Air-Defense Games and Attempts to Intimidate Neighboring Nations

The American B-52 bombers that flew over the East China Sea on Tuesday made something of a mockery of Beijing’s newly-declared “air defense identification zone”. To the outside world China looks weak and ineffectual right now, as it obviously cannot … Continue reading

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Wolverine-like self healing Gene is discovered by Harvard Researcher

One Harvard researcher thinks he has found the gene that would enable us to regrow organs and regenerate limbs. Various genes in our bodies turn on and off and different times over the course of our lives. It is here … Continue reading

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China to be elected to UN Human Rights Council

Originally posted on China News:
Oslo: Liu Xiaobo’s plight has attracted attention across the world China is almost certain to be elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council despite evidence of a worsening human rights record across the country.…

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National, Enterprise, and Alamo get rated #1 by J.D. Power & Associates in 2013

J.D. Power survey says we’re happier with rental car companies, especially National® We’re happier than ever when we hit the road in a rental car, according to a new survey measuring customer satisfaction with the rental car industry. And we’re … Continue reading

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Urbee 2, the 3D-Printed Car

  In early 1903, physician and car enthusiast Horatio Nelson Jackson accepted a $50 bet that he could not cross the United States by car. Just a few weeks later, on May 23, he and mechanic Sewall K. Crocker climbed … Continue reading

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