Russia Planning to Build Permanent Base on the Moon

Russia’s eventual manned mission to the moon will involve the payload and the upper stage of the Angara A5 heavy lift carrier rocket. The rockets, all launched in pairs, will carry a piece of equipment essential to the moon mission.

Each rocket can carry up to 700 tons. The first pair will carry a lunar lander and a lunar rocket stage to the moon. The second stage will carry another rocket stage, along with an advanced crew transportation system. The third pair will carry another rocket stage, along with a lunar base.

Another component of the mission includes sending a lunar probe to the moon’s surface. The probe will look for water deposits on the surface that can be used by a future human colony.

Manned missions will begin orbiting the moon in 2028 and 2030. Humans are expected to find a land on the moon and establish a permanent moon base there at that time.



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