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Can we afford to go to space?

Space is not a government program; it’s the rest of the Universe. Private space business is now a major factor, bent on finding investors interested in generating profits by making space more accessible to more people. Space business pays taxes … Continue reading

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QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Energy? | HP

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Energy? | HP The tech sector has become integral to societal progress and success, but how has tech influenced energy consumption and what does it mean for us going forward? Take our quiz to … Continue reading

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INFO-GRAPHIC MAP: The TOP 10 Most Vulnerable U.S. Nuclear Reactors Located in a Quake Zone

Earthquake Activity and nuclear reactors around the world MOST Vulnerable sites The top 10 U.S. nuclear reactor sites with the highest risk of suffering core damage from an earthquake, as assessed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and USGS. The list is … Continue reading

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NEW VIDEO: What’s gold got to do with developing future technologies? PLENTY!

Recent years have seen the emergence of many new exciting potential applications for gold which are evolving into commercial applications, ulitimatley reaching end consumers and thus benefiting society as a whole. This wide range of new development activities for gold can be … Continue reading

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America’s Tallest Building to Become a Solar Farm

With oil prices soaring higher and higher, and businesses everywhere wanting a piece of the “going green” PR pie, it’s making more economic sense to invest in alternative energies every day. This may very well explain what’s going on with … Continue reading

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