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Looking back at WW I; the uncomfortable parallels that exist today with the era that led to the outbreak of the first world war

As the New Year approached a century ago, most people in the West looked forward to 1914 with optimism. The hundred years since the Battle of Waterloo had not been entirely free of disaster—there had been a horrific civil war … Continue reading

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US unemployment falls to 8.5%

 The US economy added a better than expected 200,000 jobs in December  and the unemployment rate dropped to the lowest level in nearly three years, confirming recent signs that the recovery is gaining pace. The improvement in payrolls was the … Continue reading

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Can the US continue to be an economic powerhouse and maintain the burdens of internal cultural decay, apparent structural weakness, and a continued reliance on finance?

A wise man once said, “This too shall pass”. Unemployment has not returned to Great Depression levels but at 9.1% of the workforce it is still at levels that will have nerves jangling in the White House. The last president … Continue reading

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